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An open letter to the Berlin Senate! "We ask that funding for our programs not be cut."

Berlin, October 2023

Dear Governing Mayor of Berlin!

Dear members of the governing Senate of Berlin!

We have received disappointing news from the media that the Berlin authorities plan to cut spending next year on some public initiatives aimed at combating various forms of discrimination.

Despite the general increase in the volume of spending in the corresponding item of the city budget, there will be a redistribution of funds within it. This could result in some socially significant projects not receiving about two-thirds of their current funding from the Berlin authorities.

Even if this decision does not stop these initiatives, they will have to significantly reduce their presence in urban areas, operate at half capacity, and ultimately provide significantly less benefit to Berlin and its society. However, it is clear that some projects will be suspended or will cease to exist.

The upcoming decision is based solely on budgetary considerations, with no political background. Although the consequences of this move may be political, the attempt to save money while preserving democracy threatens to create serious new problems for the economy and the budget. Who but Berlin knows what development means in the modern world outside the context of democracy and freedoms. It is impossible to save on the most important things, otherwise the lack of money in the budget may one day cease to be the biggest problem.

Ladies and gentlemen!

We expect the city administration to deal with this issue in a measured and responsible manner in the interest of Berlin and its communities.

We call for a public debate on the appropriateness and consequences of the proposed steps and consideration of the views of those whose efforts for the common good may now be thwarted.

We hope that the controversial decision will eventually be reconsidered in light of the concerns we have expressed.

With great hope for understanding,

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