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Bullying. Violence that makes everyone feel bad

Firstly you need to understand that bullying is not a queer phobia. Any kind of negative attitude (homophobia, misogyny, etc.) is a stigma that is inherent in some social group. Bullying is the persecution of a particular person, for example, based on the above–mentioned stigmas.

94% of queer people experience queer phobia. This leads to increased anxiety and suicidal thoughts.Also, studies conducted on men showed that bullying has a negative effect on both psychological and physical health, which leads to reduced stress tolerance, personal and financial problems, and also causes predictors of cardiovascular diseases. And most importantly, these effects are observed in everyone. The victims, the witnesses, and the authors of the violence. Bullying makes everyone feel bad.

I am a victim of bullying. What can I do?

‣ At first contact a safe specialist for psychological help.

‣ If necessary, contact a safe specialist for legal assistance. If this does not carry potential risks (like in government agencies of Russia or Belarus), report the bullying to higher-ups.

‣ Organize your safety, get out of the social cells where you are being persecuted.

I am a witness to violence. How can I help?

‣ Inform the victim that the violence is not the norm. A lot of victims don't understand that things that happen are violence.

‣ Say that possible suicidal thoughts will not cause condemnation, but acceptance.

‣ Create a safe environment for the affected person.

What we suggest?

‣ Psychological assistance in depressive states, burnout, at the time of immigration and refugee status.

Write to us on email with theme “Psychological help”.

‣ Legal advice on discrimination issues (assistance in drafting applications to law enforcement).

‣ Legal advice on immigration and citizenship issues.

Write to us on email

I am the author of violence. What should I do?

First you need to understand that you may not be the author of violence, but may be the repeater. Many people take the side of the abuser, for their own safety. Remember that this does you the same harm as the victim's side.

What can cause such behavior?

According to studies, aggressive behavior towards the victim causes biological reactions in the brain, which block the negative reaction to violence.

Secondly, the depressive climate of communication in the family leads to the reproduction of such reactions, and also becomes a predictor of the becoming of both the aggressor and the victim.

If you are aware of your actions as bullying, it will be much easier for you to solve these problems. Many people, like you, find it hard to live with the burden of their experiences. It is important to have a specialist with whom you can safely have psychological work.

Bullying prevention. How do we defeat self-perpetuating violence?

‣ A positive communication climate, the ability to favorably resolve conflicts in the family, reduces the risk of bullying over childs and childs themselves in the future. Confidence building, stress management skills and interaction with different segments of society also have a positive effect.

‣ Talking about positive social norms strengthens these norms and also makes them more acceptable to the social unit.

‣ Accepting and discussing suicidal thoughts helps reduce suicide risks.

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